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Director: Leonie Marzecki

Writer: Caitlin Power

“Tomboy is a thought-provoking new play, exploring the complexities of growing up, a rebellion against gender roles and the heartache of a broken family. A coming of age brought to life in a montage of memories, difficult conversations and 90’s pop music.”

Tomboy, written by Caitlin Power was developed through the Soho Theatre Young Company and was longlisted for the 2017 Verity Bargate Award. The play then went through an extensive rewrite and received dramaturgy from the literary department at Theatre 503. Through the eyes of Tomboy’s protagonist, Robyn, the narrative jumps back and forth in time between the late 90’s and present day. 

After a week long period of Research and Development the script was re-written and is now in preparation for another workshop period to explore the new script and focus on the ensemble storytelling. 

Tomboy is currently in pre-production for it's debut run at the White Bear Theatre in August 2019.

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