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Director: Leonie Marzecki

Writer: Harry Davies

Brothers Mick and John are back in their childhood home in East London. Two fully grown men sharing a bed, it’s not how they thought life would be, but since the death of their mother, they’ve shared it all - bed, cryptic crosswords and scabies. Tonight though, the impossible occurs. A visit from an Angel. An Angel with an offer: The chance to see their Mother again. Despite Mick’s protestations - ‘fuck that, she’d probably shout at us for burying her in a wooden box in Stepney’ - the Angel takes no notice and kidnaps them.

Awaking in Richmond Park they trek through the perilous undergrowth, ever pursued by an unknown creature skulking in the shadows, and find themselves reliving the difficulties of their turbulent childhood with their alcoholic mother. At the hands of this celestial being the boys are forced to ask themselves, do they really want to see their mother again? Do they need her, or even need each other? Who sent this man in a ‘floaty coat’? And, perhaps more pressingly, what the fuck is that noise coming from the bushes?

After a week long rehearsal process and a rehearsed reading at the Tristan Bates Theatre, Leonie and writer Harry are planning a period of Research and Development with a staged reading. 

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