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Music by Hans Werner Henze, Libretto by Ingeborg Bachmann

Director: Brigitte Fassbaender

Venue: Gärtnerplatz Theatre Munich

Director's internship at Gärtnerplatz Theatre Munich. Opera by Hans Werner Henze, Libretto by Ingeborg Bachmann.

Director: Brigitte Fassbaender

Premiered on 23rd May 2019


Der Junge Lord is a contemporary comic opera based on the short story Der Affe Als Mensch by Wilhelm Hauff. The towns people of German village Hülsdorf-Gotha are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Sir Edgar from England, however, after a late arrival and very clear disinterest in the town's social gatherings, the people take an extreme disliking to Sir Edgar and his eccentric ways. This opera with music by Hans Werner Henze and libretto by Ingeborg Bachmann is a bitter sweet and sharp observation of small town bourgeoisie and xenophobia.

Photography: Christian POGO Zach

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